"People who are successful in groups are successful in life."

-Louis Ormont, Ph.D 

What Are modern breakthrough Groups?

Modern Breakthrough Groups lean into the transcending power of the collective and the present moment while harnessing the convenience of the web to make powerful learning and growth accessible and affordable to those who can benefit from it — wherever they are.

Groups are made up of participants who have been or are presently in psychotherapy and are now looking to expand themselves and their learning in a group context. Participants are often looking for pathways to deepen their relationships, create a greater sense of ease and meaning in their lives, and learn how to bring their wants and desires into the world with sustainable ownership and self trust.

If you’re feeling stuck or weighed down by “the same old” stagnant energy in your love life, your job, your family, or your day to day, the group can offer support and honest reflection that can help you notice what else is possible for you from moment to moment. You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, while also sharpening your abilities to deeply meet others in connection.

The unique, nurturing environment of modern groups is expertly facilitated to meet your goals and participants often say it’s one of the most powerful growth experiences of their adult lives.

What Previous Group Participants Say

Group has been a very different experience in a good way. Having never been to a group therapy before, I enjoyed every part of it and want more.
— 33 y.o. Male, Educator
I found it incredibly eye-opening and beneficial, I would recommend it wholeheartedly.
— 26 y.o. Them, Entrepreneur
I wasn’t expecting how necessary it was to check in with myself in order to have a deeper connection with someone. Before group I felt like I wanted to make the other person I was talking to comfortable, which didn’t make me honest. I withheld things because I felt like that was the right thing to do, when it was totally the wrong thing to do.
— 47 y.o. Male, Executive
I feel more secure in who I am as a person and a leader.
— 39 y.o. Female, Executive
Group is a safe place for a person to push their own boundaries.
— 45 y.o. Male, Actor
I learned the importance of speaking how I felt. Doing so helps me connect with people on a much deeper level. After the first few months of group, I was in a comfortable place where I felt I could speak up more because of ever increasing trust that the consequences I could experience in my life outside of group would not happen in group. The group become a safe space to practice being real and speaking my mind.
— 27 y.o. Female, Physician
Your emotional growth is limitless and it is best to put yourself in as many uncomfortable situations as possible.
— 41 y.o. Female, Executive Assistant
I repeatedly heard from the others in the group that they wanted to hear more from me, that they found my contributions to the group valuable and enriching—I was invited repeatedly to take up more space. And after some time I began to feel good taking up more space, less conflicted. The real world benefits of this shift have been incredible.
— 30 y.o. Female, Production & Design

Why Does Group Work?

I had difficulty coming out of my shell for the first few groups, but over time found myself taking greater risks and ultimately being rewarded for that through more meaningful interactions with the others in my group. The more I showed up authentically, the more rewarding I found the sessions, with the result that I was making the choice to show up authentically more frequently. Formerly “risky”/edgy moves started to feel more natural, and I found myself making different choices outside of the group, as well.
— 29 y.o. Female, Media and Entertainment

If you’ve never participated in group workshops or group therapy before, the thought of being vulnerable in a group can feel overwhelmingly intimidating. Clients often report thinking, “What could I possibly gain from sharing my feelings with strangers?” “What if they don’t like me?” “What if they judge me, or make me feel uncomfortable?”

I’m not sure I know anyone who hasn’t had thoughts like that before joining a group. Any group! In fact most of these thoughts and the emotional charges that accompany them are the fodder for transformation in our modern group. You’ll often find the most opportunity for growth in uncomfortable moments! Breakthrough groups work precisely because the natural “edges” we experience in our day to day lives arise as they would anywhere else in your life, however, in group you have an opportunity to experience organic growth and transformation that comes from presence, feeling deeply seen, and validated in authentic connection with others. The challenges will certainly be there, but the rewards are more than worth it.  

In fact, many participants leave groups feeling like their world and their personality have expanded. You may start group telling a certain story about yourself and your experiences, but finish with a completely new one — one that shows a deeper understanding of yourself, your community, and the meaningful connections that are possible.

How Do I Sign Up For a Group?

To begin the sign up process, you have two options:

  1. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with me to ask any questions you have about the group therapy process and how it can work for you. After this consultation, a follow-up assessment session will help determine your readiness for group participation.

  2. If you choose, you can skip the short consultation and move straight to the assessment session.

In either case, your follow-up session will help determine whether the group therapy experience will be beneficial for you. You’ll prepare for this session by filling out an assessment form, which we’ll use to guide the discussion. At the end of this session, you’ll understand whether group therapy is a good fit, or if individual therapy may be a better path. (50 minutes, $175)

If we determine that group therapy is your best next step, you’ll have an opportunity to sign up after the follow-up assessment session is complete.

When does group begin and who will be in my group?

In the group setting, I realized the benefits of sharing feelings. Both how I felt about myself and about the others in the group. It was rewarding to share feelings, both the good ones and the bad. It helped me connect to others in the group and it enriched both their experiences and mine. I realized that I can connect with others by simply listening and empathizing with them, and that the act of an authentic connection is often all someone needs.
— 32 y.o. Male, Advertising

Our group meetings take place fully online, making it easy to participate regardless of your location, work schedule, or travel plans. Don’t worry about making a long commute — your group goes where you go!

Depending on the length of the program you have chosen for yourself, group participation will include either 41 or 26 weekly 90 minute online meetings.

Group size is limited to eight participants, and will include people of varying ages and backgrounds. Though it may seem awkward at first, any and all diversity in your group creates a more well-rounded expansion of self; meaningful connection is available at the core of our human experience, no matter our age or stage in life. Sharing experiences with a diverse yet intimate group is one of the key benefits of modern breakthrough groups.

What Will I Gain From Participating in the group?

My biggest hope was to not feel as alone. I really didn’t know what to expect in group therapy. What I did find is the importance of authentic communication, which starts with identifying what I feel and how to put that into words. It’s like the building blocks of connecting with another person.
— 25 y.o. Female, Graduate Student
Group gave me a new perspective on how I’m perceived by others, and permission to show up authentically. It’s made me feel confident and brave.
— 36 y.o. Male, Finance

My hope is that every participant leaves the group having experienced feeling validated and confident in their own lived experience.

Group members are often able to better recognize patterns in their own behaviors (and the behaviors of others). Having the chance to talk openly about your feelings and actions while helping others do the same, gives you the tools to meet challenges outside of group head-on.

No matter the nature of their struggle, group members report being better able to deal with personal and professional difficulties — especially those that involve relationships. If you’re looking for a powerful experience that will change the way you look at yourself and your peers, modern group therapy may be the answer.


Lilian’s Personal Experience with Groups


I have been participating and leading therapeutic groups for over a decade, and I’m thrilled to share my deep, heartfelt love for this rich process with you.

I fell in love with the modern group therapy model during my first experience in one such group during my graduate program nearly 15 years ago. In a single moment, I went from feeling alone in the world with my experience, to being part of a community. And not just any community — a group of people who genuinely valued vulnerability as a strength and saw it as a catalyst for growth.

My time in groups left me feeling lighter, more connected, and less alone in the world. Now, I strive to bring the same experience to others by facilitating online groups that make these meaningful connections even more accessible to busy professionals and those of you living outside of New York City.