“There exists a form of power and intelligence that represents the high point of human potential. It is the source of the greatest achievements and discoveries in history. It is an intelligence that is not taught in our schools nor analyzed by professors, but almost all of us, at some point, have had glimpses of it in our own experience.” - Robert Greene


In many cultures around the world there is a saying that describes a phenomenon of having a “light hand” or a “golden touch” referring to a person’s ability to create wealth or success with ease and almost no visible worry or excessive effort. Profound Presence is a combination of personal and relational practices that cultivate our ability to have this proverbial touch of alchemy in relationship to our inner experience, our relationships with others, and our environments.

The practice of Profound Presence can become a way of life or a powerful tool for deeply meaningful living, creative innovation, mastery, and intelligent leadership.

Echoing Robert Green’s sentiment in the quote at the top of the page, Profound Presence is a way of noticing, paying attention, and experiencing the present moment that allows for a natural rising of personal wisdom and an awareness of more in our experience than what is typically possible with the limitations of our conditioning.

It occurs to me that elements of this work or this way of being had been passed down to me through my family and the cultures of the ancient Caucasus lands where I was born.

Perhaps it will be just as familiar to you, like a homecoming for your being.

The focus on the senses as a pathway to breakthroughs, intimacy, wisdom, and connection to something greater than oneself has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. This way of orienting to life predated my current knowledge of psychology, human development, and neuroscience.

Regardless of my initial limited understanding of its value, this priceless heirloom has been an infinite source of resilience, creativity, and love for human beings over the millennia. Today, the transcending power of this work has found a home in the lives of the countless people and organizations I’ve had the pleasure of guiding over the last 15 years. To celebrate the timeless brilliance of this practice I created the Profound Presence Project directing focus, intention, and resources to reaching more of the world with this work.

WHAT’S THE profound presence project?

The portfolio of Profound Presence curriculum and public health initiatives is called the Profound Presence Project. The idea for the Profound Presence Project sprouted out of an awareness that most of my longterm individual, corporate, and non-profit clients frequently requested guidance, facilitation, and trainings that included a specific style of being with pain, challenge, conflict, and other manifestations of the present moment. This style of attention or way of holding space became the unique marker that defines my work and a great catalyst of transformation, empowerment, and clarity of wisdom for my clients. With this awareness came a lightning bolt of inspiration to create workshops, circles, and public health initiatives to teach what is now called Profound Presence to individuals and organizations interested in cultivating the “golden touch” that allows for an easeful emergence of wisdom, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and transformation on all levels of life.


The two seminal workshops of The Profound Presence Project are Introduction to Profound Presence and Introduction to Leading with Profound Presence in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Justice.

Introduction to Profound Presence offers participants glimpse practices and experiential learning with the goal of building the capacities quintessential to the practice.

These introductory workshops have a meaningful and warm atmosphere and are typically between 2-3 hours in length.

There is no lecturing, however, the workshops are 100 percent guided with the intention of creating easeful, worry free learning and retention.

Introduction to Leading with Profound Presence in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Justice takes the practice of Profound Presence into the world with the intention of re-grounding leadership and innovation in universal wisdom for greater sustainably and impact.

The learning takes place in guided practices, small and large group experiences, and through real time application of the “light touch” of Profound Presence to the challenges presented by participants for exploration and in service of group learning.

Profound Presence Circles are weekly online gatherings facilitated as a refresher for your Profound Presence practice. The circles are open to anyone who has completed both of the workshops in the introductory series.

I noticed that a lot of the work you offer has a group component, is this an important part of the experience or can i work with you individually?

Profound Presence workshops are mindfully designed to activate the neurobiology and neurochemistry of each participant that supports the type of human development that is only possible through relationship with others. We can do a part of this work on our own and in individually guided sessions, in fact there are elements of the practice that require a steady connection to profound presence through personal work. However, it has been my experience that both contributing to and leveraging the collective wisdom of a group generates learning and expansion with inertia that’s typically unavailable in isolation or in individual work.

I love this project and have a few more questions