Thank you for taking the time to meet me and to get to know my work.

With my roots firmly planted in human centered psychology, I have been fortunate to take my passion for healing, transformation, and advocacy to create a life full of purpose and love for the human experience.

In the decade since I opened the doors to my first private practice in the West Village of Manhattan, I have had the great pleasure of working with extraordinary people, non profit organizations, and corporate teams both here in New York City and abroad.

As my clients will tell you, no matter where I am in the world my individual and group psychotherapy work remains the cornerstone of my passion and the core orientation of my life. It is through this work first and foremost that I have had the honor of witnessing the miracles of the human experience relating to healing, resilience and transformation.

Even though I was initially hesitant to do so, taking my work out of the office and into the world of corporations, non-profit organizations, and advocacy & social justice initiatives has been rewarding beyond my wildest dreams and a place where I truly discovered my purpose and abilities to create inspirational, empowering, and alchemising experiences for teams, organizations, and social movements. It is this work that has inspired the newly emerging Profound Presence Project with its set of workshops created for entrepreneurs, innovators, and those who have committed their lives to advocacy and social justice work.

psychotherapy for Individuals and couples

After nearly a decade with a brick and mortar practice in the West Village of Manhattan, I have transitioned my therapeutic work online to meet the growing demand for modern psychotherapy and group work beyond New York City.  My style of therapy is heavily influenced by person centered psychologist Carl Rogers who redefined the client-therapist relationship. Transparency, unconditional positive regard, and empathy are the beacons that guide my psychotherapy practice.

In my years of work with adults, couples, and families I have gained an unshakable appreciation for the empowering experience of person centered client-therapist relationship. 

I work with a wide range of people looking to address barriers to living authentically, creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, and finding sources of happiness and contentment. 

Please spend some time looking through my site to familiarize yourself with my practice and the community of people who have greatly benefited from our work together or contact me directly for a consultation. 

Profound presence project

The portfolio of Profound Presence curriculum and public health initiatives is called the Profound Presence Project.

The idea for the Profound Presence Project sprouted out of an awareness that most of my longterm individual, corporate, and non-profit clients frequently requested guidance, facilitation, and trainings that included a specific style of being with pain, challenge, conflict, and other manifestations of the present moment. This style of attention or way of holding space became the unique marker that defines my work and a great catalyst of transformation, empowerment, and clarity of wisdom for my clients.

With this awareness came a lightning bolt of inspiration to create workshops, circles, and public health initiatives to teach what is now called Profound Presence to individuals and organizations interested in cultivating the “golden touch” that allows for an easeful emergence of wisdom, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and transformation on all levels of life.

modern breakthrough groups

Modern Breakthrough Groups lean into the transcending power of the collective and the present moment while harnessing the convenience of the web to make powerful learning and growth accessible and affordable to those who can benefit from it — wherever they are.

Groups are made up of participants who have been or are presently in psychotherapy and are now looking to expand themselves and their learning in a group context. Participants are often looking for pathways to deepen their relationships, create a greater sense of ease and meaning in their lives, and learn how to bring their wants and desires into the world with sustainable ownership and self trust.

If you’re feeling stuck or weighed down by “the same old” stagnant energy in your love life, your job, your family, or your day to day, the group can offer support and honest reflection that can help you notice what else is possible for you from moment to moment. You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, while also sharpening your abilities to deeply meet others in connection.

The unique, nurturing environment of modern groups is expertly facilitated to meet your goals and participants often say it’s one of the most powerful growth experiences of their adult lives.

training process groups for psychotherapists and coaches

The Training Process Groups are similar to the Modern Breakthrough Groups, however, we will be taking the experience further to empower your showing up with a greater authentic openness and confidence in your own work with clients and groups.

As your facilitator, I’ll be modeling modern group therapy facilitation throughout our time together. This will create a lived experience of group technique and interventions relating to many themes that emerge in groups including group culture, resistance, inter and intra-personal intimacy, and states of consciousness. While amassing a great deal of professional know how you will also have a parallel experience of personal growth and evolution as the group process unfolds taking all of us on a journey of discovery.

We’ll spend our last four group meetings (in June 2019) reflecting on the process that unfolded during the previous five months.

In all, this beautifully crafted immersive learning experience will strengthen your professional ego by deepening your understanding, practice, and experience of technique and theory, while at the same time expanding your sense of being in relation to your self and to others.

Basically, you’ll get your own group therapy experience as a participant, while also partaking in rich professional learning with peers.