Making a decision to start psychotherapy can be a challenge especially in the midst of psychological distress. Take the time to read through client stories and testimonials on this page to fully understand the potential of psychotherapy as described by adults, couples, and families who have benefited from the person centered healing space provided by Lilian. 

Lilian creates a warm and engaging atmosphere right from the start. I sought help while going through a difficult time in my marriage and always felt that I was being heard but never judged. She is an active listener who has ultimately challenged me to see myself in a new way. I highly recommend Lilian. Her encouragement continues to motivate me to make positive changes in my life.
— Female, 35 | Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

My work with Lilian has been an oasis in a desert of overwhelming turmoil. I began to work with Lilian in the midst of a painful divorce which was triggering and resurrecting old traumas. I was depressed, angry, and feeling defeated. Since that time I was able to widen my understanding of myself, process old traumas, improve my ability to cope with my divorce, and begin to rebuild with a renewed sense of hope and appreciation for my life experiences. From my heart thank you!
— Male, 50 y.o | Weehawken, NJ

This story is told by a client who I asked to make a contribution to this page because her courage has been an inspiration and a testament to the power of human resilience and healing. If you are struggling with uncertainty, despair, and crippling anxiety, please remember that you are not alone and with the right help, nurturing, and support you can connect to your purpose, light, and power.  - Lilian 

Five years ago I lost my parents suddenly in a car accident. From that day onward every day was a struggle. I was scared, angry, sad and hated life. Worry and anxiety seemed to consume me. I distanced myself from everyone around me – my two older sisters, close friends and family. I kept all of my feelings bottled up and constantly felt like something was wrong with me. Family and friends tried to help me but I distanced myself even more.

My cousin was the only person I could talk to about my thoughts and feelings at that time. He listened to me and let me be myself. It was he who suggested that I see a therapist and so did one of my close friends. But I continued to deal with things on my own and relied on my cousin on days when all felt especially dark around me, that is until he went on a vacation and was not available for our daily talks. It was at that time that I found myself more anxious and frustrated then ever before. My one person support system was not available to me and I realized that I needed someone neutral to listen to me, let me be myself, and someone who didn’t judge me.

So I decided to see a therapist. Lilian’s profile came up on a Google search, I spoke to her over the phone and few days later I made my very first appointment to see her. It took me some time to open up to her, talk about my feelings, my family, and friends. But Lilian was warm, inviting and always welcomed me with a smile. I was never pushed to talk and was able to just be me. Seeing her was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

I’ve been seeing Lilian now for a little over 2 years. She has helped me be a better person, a stronger communicator, and has guided me in rebuilding relationships with my sisters, family and friends.

Today I am able talk to my sisters, family and friends about my feelings and emotions. I have learned to handle situations with confidence without worrying about the outcome.

Most of all, Lilian has helped me gain confidence in myself, and have an optimistic outlook on life. And she is the reason I know how to smile again!
— Female, 32 y.o | New York, NY

If you are considering therapy for the very first time or returning after sometime away from this medium of healing, getting started can be tough. The client telling this story offers a beautiful narrative that is universally human when we are faced with the decision of asking for help. You deserve to have the private space to make sense of your thoughts and feelings so that you can overcome the boundaries that keep you from self actualizing. Believe in yourself and your power to learn, grow, and find fulfillment in the world.  - Lilian

Before going to Lilian, I had never been to therapy before. While I had considered it, it always felt intimidating or scary or like something I couldn’t afford.

After my husband was in a serious accident, I used what I was going through specifically from that incident as an excuse to find a therapist, but the truth is, I could have started years earlier. Luckily though, my wait brought me to Lilian, who from just our initial phone conversation managed to make me feel safe, at ease, and like therapy was something I deserved.

Gradually my need to talk about the accident all of the time faded, but my need to talk to Lilian did not. I found therapy with Lilian to be so welcoming and open and also challenging in a way that felt like I was always challenging myself for the better.

We quickly began to talk about my goals, and fears as a writer together, and she helped me through some tough creative blocks with a combination of guided meditation and talk therapy.

I went from being someone who used to feel like their problems weren’t big enough for therapy, and was scared of the unknown nature of it, to talking about it openly and recommending it to friends. Lilian’s honest, direct and sincere approach to therapy always felt like the perfect combination of professionalism and friendly warmth. She always made me feel like my weekly time with her was important, and it was. I highly recommend taking the time for yourself to experience therapy with Lilian.
— Female, 30 | Brooklyn, NY

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