Process & Training Group

– Modern Psychotherapy for Clinical Professionals –


It’s a safe place for a person to push their own boundaries.
Your emotional growth is limitless and it is best to put yourself in as many uncomfortable situations as possible.


Our process and training group is similar to our modern psychotherapy group, but it has a slightly different goal: we envision each participant finishing group with the ability to lead their own.

As your facilitator, I’ll be modeling interventions throughout our time together. This will help you understand how to foster communication and remove resistance within groups you lead later. We’ll focus on recognizing and expressing emotions that arise in group meetings, and explore our responses together.

We’ll spend our last four group meetings (in June 2019) reflecting on the process that unfolded during the previous nine months. You’ll participate in an immersive learning experience that strengthens the professional ego while deepening your understanding, practice, and experience of technique and theory.

Basically, you’ll get your own group therapy experience as a participant, while also partaking in rich professional learning with peers.

Group Logistics

First Meeting: September 27, 9am EST*
All group meetings will be 90 minutes in length.

*This start time is flexible depending on participant time zones

Each group session costs $85, for a total investment of $3400 over the 40 meetings. For those with out-of-network benefits, insurance reimbursement may be available.

1:1 consultations will be available to all participants between group meetings for the duration of our time together. We can use this time to dive deeper into your own group experiences and how you they affect your professional growth. (60 minutes, $210)


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