2019 Online Training Process Groups

– Clinical and Wellness Professionals –



Check out what your colleagues are saying about their process group experience.

It’s a safe place for clinicians to push their own boundaries.
Your emotional growth is limitless as a clinician and it is best to put yourself in as many uncomfortable situations as possible. Process group offers just this opportunity.
I found that the experiential aspect of this training got me in touch with many dynamics that had never come up in my individual supervision or therapy. The group seemed to evoke deeper parts of me that had before felt unknown to me. It goes without saying that my professional life has gotten a lot more interesting.
I loved the opportunity to unpack our time together in the last few weeks of group. I have never left a training with so much felt wisdom.

WHAT ARE training Process GROUPS?

The Training Process Groups are similar to the Breakthrough Groups, but we will be taking the experience further to empower you to show up with a greater authentic openness and confidence with your own individual clients and groups.

As your facilitator, I’ll be modeling modern group therapy facilitation throughout our time together. This will create a lived experience of group technique and interventions relating to many themes that emerge in groups including group culture, resistance, inter and intra-personal intimacy, and states of consciousness. While amassing a great deal of professional know how you will also have a parallel experience of personal growth and evolution as the group process unfolds taking all of us on a journey of discovery.

We’ll spend our last four group meetings (in June 2019) reflecting on the process that unfolded during the previous five months.

In all, this beautifully crafted immersive learning experience will strengthen your professional ego by deepening your understanding, practice, and experience of technique and theory, while at the same time expanding your sense of being in relation to your self and to others.

Basically, you’ll get your own group therapy experience as a participant, while also partaking in rich professional learning with peers.

I’m not a psychotherapist is this group right for me?

The training groups are open to individuals in the health and wellness professions interested in tapping into personal leadership styles while expanding awareness of self and others in a way that creates deeper meaning in work, play, and every life nook in between.

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